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Campaign will be closing before the 1st of May, $46,000 remains and if unsuccessful will lose $21,000 in promised funds; Vol. 86, no. 18, page 2.

By FW Bpoatwright, the campaign fund fell short, discusses the defecit and reasons why subscribers could not complete their donations; Vol. 86, no. 19, page 2.

The Campaign restarts, with the goal of reaching the $500,000 cash goal; Vol. 86, no. 27, page 2.

President Boatwright gives advice about how men who seek to work through college are often unable to devote appropriate time to their studies; Vol. 86, no. 29, page 2.

President Boatwright discusses the affects that Richmond College has on a Man's education; Vol. 86, no. 32, page 2.

Collection funds, only a small amount of cash was received in the past week; Vol. 86, no. 46, page 2.

Oak Grove church completes a scholarship, discusses how the voice of all churches should support college educations; Vol. 86, no. 47, page 2.

A generous baptist has pledged $5000 if it will ensure the complete success of the campaign; Vol. 86, no. 51, page 2.

Discussion of the importance and impacts of giving to the Endowment and Woman's College Fund; Vol. 86, no. 44, page 2.

An address given by F. W. Boatwright "in the Annual Course of Faculty Lectures" in which he lays out the conditions surrounding denominational colleges - those uniquely American colleges that have been "founded and fostered by evangelical bodies of…